I see mothers and babies with breastfeeding problems on a daily basis and provide  a specialised individual service to enable mother and baby to have a happy, comfortable and effective breastfeeding relationship. Usually only one appointment with me is required with ongoing telephone contact available. 

Most mothers contact me when they have a problem with breastfeeding. This may be associated with sore nipples or sore breasts, concern about the growth or weight of a baby, medication, milk supply, recurring mastitis, breast refusal or difficulty in latching or maintaining the latch or frequent feeding. There may be special circumstances such as breastfeeding twins, after surgery or if there is a tongue tie, cleft palate or cleft lip. Baby may be jaundiced or sleepy at the breast.

In all cases mothers are generally exhausted with the additional demands and the anxiety of a problematic situation. Making an appointment with me is the first step to resolving the worry and situation. Often mothers see me with their partner or other family member which is very helpful. A phone call is best initially, to discuss your situation..

The consultation to resolve the difficulties will usually last for about 1 - 1.5 hours. Appointments can be made in the evening or at the weekend at a time to suit you. I can see you in the comfort of your own home, or the Exeter Studio, or the Plymouth Clinic.

An appointment can usually be made within 24 hours.

A free tongue tie assessment "drop in" is held regularly in Plymouth. Please contact us for more information.

What to Expect from a Consultation

Every consultation is individual, however there will be a basic format. After the introductions and settling in, you will have the opportunity to check my registration details.

Then you can talk about your situation.It would be useful to know some details of your pregnancy, delivery and what  has happened regarding your baby's feeding since the birth so I can understand the issues. If you have your baby's Child Health Record Book I can read any entries and also write in it myself to keep it up to date.

I will, with your consent, examine your baby's mouth including the palate and the function of the tongue. This will not hurt your baby.

Then I shall see how your baby feeds, which will complete the picture and I will then be able to let you know what has caused the problems and how to make everything better. You will not find this stressful, in fact you are likely to feel calm and reassurred.


Appointments are available on any day of the week including Bank Holidays and week ends.

Please see my 'Contact Me' page for my full contact details.