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I just wanted to thank you personally for undertaking Lily's tongue tie. She is doing fine now. Not many would understand how relieved I am; it has been such a stressful time. Sarah from Exeter

There was such an improvement in the feeding straight away, she now settles and I can put her down without her crying, wonderful. Philippa from Exeter 

Emily now weighs 14lbs, James and I are thrilled. Her feeding is getting better and better. We can't thank you enough for your help and support, you were fantastic. James and Anna from Starcross.

 Feeding is much improved. Thank you. Jodie from Plymouth  

Thank you again for seeing us at such short notice. Feeding has improved so much. - Mary from Plymouth

You are the only person who has had faith in my breastfeeding. It's wonderful now it's going so well - Paula from East Devon

Feeding is so comfortable for me now. I can't believe how different it feels - Julia from Newton Abbot

I wish I had found you before, you have made feeding my baby a pleasure - Hannah from Torquay  

Releasing Edward's tongue tie has enabled him to feed quicker and without all the mess and distress - Jane South Devon 



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