Louise Stickland strives to provide the best possible service for parents and babies. However, sometimes you may feel that I not met your needs.

If you have any complaint or concern about the service please raise the issue during the consultation, or by telephone as soon as possible, to discuss the matter  and to provide an explanation. This should be the first contact to resolve any complaint. This may also involve the Medical Defence Union and the professional body the Royal College of Nursing. This would not deal with matters of legal liability or regulation.

Louise Stickland will:

Listen to your complaint or concern.

Respond by establishing a clear, appropriate plan of action, and provide you with relevant support and advice.

Improve the service however possible.

If you do not feel your complaint has been resolved then please make your complaint in writing to Louise Stickland at louise-exeter @hotmail.co.uk

Please be assured that any complaint you make, written or verbal, will be treated in confidence and will have no effect upon the level of treatment and care that you receive.

Your complaint will be acknowledged within two working days of receiving it.

Louise Stickland aims to make a full response to you within the next 20 working days. During that time an investigation will seek to find out what has happened and whether there is any action that can be taken to put things right.

Louise Stickland will:

Examine what has happened.

Make it possible for you to discuss the problem face to face, if you would like this.

Keep you informed of progress.

Identify what we can do to make sure that problem does not happen again.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you can seek further advice from the Nursing and Midwifery Council www.nmc.org.uk.

The CQC want you to tell them about your experiences of care. It helps them to decide when, where and what to inspect, and to take action to prevent poor care happening to others in future. CQC also want to hear about good experiences of care. However, it is important to know that CQC cannot make complaints for you or take them up on your behalf because as a regulator the CQC does not have powers to investigate or resolve them. You can contact the CQC by email enquiries@cqc.org.uk.

Thank you

Louise Stickland